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English: Cấu trúc câu hay


–          Follow somebody out of the door

–          Share a common border

–          Voice anger agaisnt somethings

–          Spain thinks they have room for more rate cut

–          Colombia wants to have its name in oil production industry.

–          For the purpose of ving

–          In term of sth

–          The window of opportunities

–          In every single moment of life

–          In any walks of life you will see that

–          Allow/enable sb to do sth by doing sth

–          She get the voices of public

–          A model of how to

–          To get to know one another

–          How much distance will you have to cover

–          It makes me tired of just thinking about it

–          Apple is said to be in talks with sb to buy sth

–          Remain uncontroversial

–          Run off the rail

–          Burn a mountain of cash

–          bright lights on the horizon

–          the light at the end of the tunnel

–          I love having you here

–          You will never be far from us

–          The bank that always put the customers first

–          Put something on priority

–          Close to the point

–          Stay in touch

–          Our experiences drive us forward

–          Keep moving forward

–          Feel free to give me a call

–          Drop me a line

–          Call to report sth

–          The burglar emptied the handbag out

–          For a while last year I was working at a

–          Studying for my degree

–          Keep sth opened

–          Leave the door unlocked

–          Behind the locked door

–          Over the past 5 years

–          Thanks to sth

–          In the world of technology

–          In the Age of Information

–          Over any distance

–          Manage to see

–          The element of surprise is crucial

–          I am in a good position to do sth

–          The places of interest

–          Causing him to lose most of it

–          a budget is a marker for keeping out of trouble, whereas a standard is a compass that points the way to improvements.

–          Not enough to be done

–          People seem to be waiting for the government to do sth

–          Responsibilities must be shared by everyone

–          It is also important to make sure that

–          People also need to be responsible in the way that they use sth

–          We are running out of sth

–          It is obvious that

–          It is therefore clear that

–          Knowledge becomes more and more specialised

–          The question of who is more important is

–          There is no doubt that

–          There has a been strong effort to do sth

–          Because of this,

–          There is also a strong argument that

–          There are, of course,

–          Apart from this problem, however,

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