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Cấu trúc mô tả xu hướng, biểu đồ


–       The stock prices were up 12% in May and by 6% for the first seven months of the year.

–       Prices are still 13% below their peak in 2004

–       The house prices in VN surged by 13%, whereas in US fell by 15%

–       Falling to their lowest level since 2009

–       Firm generated quarterly revenue of US$28 billion compared to US$13 billion in the corresponding period of the previous year

–       The company recorded a revenue of US$13

–       International sales accounted for 54% of the quarter’s revenue

–       The operating income was $68 on the revenue of $76

–       The dollar rose agaist euro and yen

–       The gold advance 2%

–       Th Dow index

–       The market closes slightly higer than yesterday

–       Shanghai slipped 0.1% for its fifth consecutive loss

–       Crude-oil prices gained 1.2%, to settle at $86.07 a barrel

–       The gradual rise in visitors number from 30k to 45k in the first four months was followed by a sharper decrease in May.

–       The period between May and September saw a steady growth  in the number of visitors from 30k to 70k

–       April saw a sharp turnaround in attendances  with number leapting from to …

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